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Ecommerce Website Conversion Checklist

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Ecommerce conversion checklist graphic


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Inspired by Designing Ecommerce Websites—the only book explaining UX design for online shops—this checklist is a quick way to assess how well a site is performing.

It turns the 66 guidelines from the book into a simple three page checklist. See where your site is meeting the recommended actions and where it is falling short.

It’s a useful tool to see how an online store is doing against best practice, particularly when tackling a redesign or undertaking conversion rate improvements.

It works for any site that follows the ecommerce funnel (landing page, listings, product details, checkout) no matter what the product being sold. It works as a useful standalone as well as a great complement to the book.

All of the advice comes from 8 years of deep ecommerce UX design experience (including watching 100s of user tests) and is backed up with industry research.


PLUS! Includes a discount code for $4 off the full digital book of Designing Ecommerce Websites (saving of 25%).

PLUS! Includes a list of 66 further reading articles, research which the book and checklist is based on, which allows you to dig deeper into the subject.

Who made this?

This template has been created by Matt Isherwood, a UX Consultant with over 10 years experience, particularly in working with growing startups. He believes in backing up everything with evidence not assumptions and works in a lean way, often on small budgets. He also wrote the book Designing Ecommerce Websites, an Amazon Kindle bestseller and now on its 2nd Edition.

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