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Behaviour Canvas + Audience Canvas

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Behaviour Canvas + Audience Canvas graphic


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When redesigning any website you need to understand how the current one is performing, in order to know what to keep and what to rework. However in the mass of analytics data it can be hard to focus on what is happening on each page in your user’s journey.

Years of working on redesigns led me to create the Behaviour and Audience Canvases to help organise the core information about user behaviour on your site. It becomes a great central repository of knowledge for your team to refer to.

Fill out a Behaviour Canvas for each page in your core website user journey to help you isolate page-by-page what works and what doesn’t. Alongside this fill out a single Audience Canvas to focus on who your website’s users really are.

They work best when printed out and shared around or stuck up on your walls to visualise your research and the evidence you’ve gathered.

Take intangible data and make it more real and more helpful to you and your team.

You will receive two PDFs optimised for printing at A4 size and a video explaining how to use the canvases in your project.


PLUS! I've also recorded a 11 min screencast video where I walk through the templates so you can learn how to get the most out of them. You'll get a private link to it on Youtube.

Who made this?

This template has been created by Matt Isherwood, a UX Consultant with over 10 years experience, particularly in working with growing startups. He believes in backing up everything with evidence not assumptions and works in a lean way, often on small budgets. He also shares his knowledge through weekly articles and by teaching workshops.

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