The Evidence-Based Redesign

An online video course – over 2,300 students enrolled!

Are your users failing to convert and you can't work out why? Want to improve your website but not sure how to tackle this big task?

You may have looked at a few analytics, maybe dabbled with a heatmap, and perhaps even run a user test. This may have given you a few ideas for improvements or it may have left you more confused.

Perhaps you just hand the work over to a developer to get on and make changes, based on your best guesses.


There’s a smarter way. An approach that won’t cost lots and means you can make evidence-based decisions, that are much more likely to lead to a successful redesign and launch.

Give me 2 minutes to explain...

This is a method I’ve used for the last three years as a consultant to many growing startups. It uses a framework that I’ve developed and taught to 100s of students.

Course content

As you go through you’ll learn lots of useful skills you can instantly apply, including:

Most importantly you’ll be able to combine them all in the right order to build up a complete picture of user behaviour.

It’s a practical course, with canvases you can fill in for your own website.

What's the format?

The course features over 3 hours of video content, spread across 19 lessons, as well as downloadable templates and plenty of further reading for each lesson.

It's hosted on the worldwide teaching platform Udemy, which means you'll be able to access the content wherever you are, including through their mobile apps.

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This course is hosted on Udemy, where you can find all the details. Just follow this link...

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** New content – launched early 2018 and updated regularly since **

** Over 2,300 students enrolled! **

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14 tools to gather evidence – guide

Why take a course from me?

The framework I teach is the method I've spent years doing for my clients, as a successful startup UX design consultant. This course will enable you to do it yourself.

I have also been teaching this content for several years in the form of my classroom workshop, Practical Evidence-Based UX Design. Now it's been specially adapted to work online.

Here's some feedback from students of that workshop:

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