Evidence-Based Design Methods

Free guides covering 24 different methods you can use to gather evidence on user behaviour, so you can avoid doing UX design by guesswork.

Evidence-Based UX Design Methods eBook

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Kindle eBook

All of the 24 methods for evidence gathering from this website, gathered together in a Kindle book, for quick and easy reading. Updated 2nd edition released July 2020.

Use these methods often

Guerrilla User Testing

Advice on doing quick user tests to get feedback on your prototypes. Learn more

Session Recordings

See exactly how real users engage with your website – including where they dwell and the journeys they take. Learn more

Conversion Funnels

Use a funnel to understand how many users are reaching your website goals and where the rest are dropping off. Learn more

Remote User Testing

A rundown of three ways you can do great user testing when your users are remote from you. Learn more

Page Data

How to learn from website analytics data such as page views, bounce rate, and average time on page. Learn more

Customer Interviews

Speaking to customers is a great way to properly understand their behaviours and motives. Learn more

Design Testing

These are quick tests you can do to get early feedback on your designs-in-progress. Learn more

Use these methods sometimes

User Feedback

How to gather and assess irregular customer feedback from things like email and phone calls. Learn more


How to write surveys that will help you understand your audience (and don't just produce meaningless stats). Learn more

Competitor Analysis

How to get smartly get design inspiration from your competitors. Learn more


What you can learn by looking at mouse movement, scroll, and click/tap heatmaps of a website. Learn more

A/B Tests

What to think about when considering split tests in your UX design process and the challenges they bring. Learn more

Live Chat Transcripts

Tips and advice for using live chat on your website and how to analyse the results to understand the issues users have. Learn more

Audience Data

Use this evidence to build a picture of who your users are and where they're visiting from. Learn more

Client Knowledge

Your clients or stakeholders often have great knowledge about their audience—here's how to tap into that. Learn more

Analytics Dashboards

Build your own dashboard to track important metrics and get an early warning when things go wrong. Learn more

Field Research

Sometimes you need to get out there and see how your users behave in the wild to see how they really behave. Learn more

Use these methods rarely

Articles & Videos

Here's what to consider when following advice from other people's articles and content. Learn more

Friends & Family Opinions

Not something you may think of as a piece of evidence but certainly something that will influence you. Learn how to incorporate this feedback. Learn more

Net Promoter Score

This is a popular method for understanding user sentiment, here's what you should be aware of if using it in your design research. Learn more

Focus Groups

Learn about this classic method for getting customer feedback, and the pitfalls to avoid. Learn more

Social Media

Learn how activity on social channels can provide genuine user feedback (and avoid empty vanity metrics). Learn more


How to interpret this classic summary of user types and use it as an evidence source. Learn more

Expert Audits

What you should know about hiring SEO, CRO, and UX experts to help improve your product. Learn more